Grimes, Phyllis


centersHi, my name is Phyllis Grimes and I like to use strategies that create an active learning environment using hands-on activities, music and movement.   

My classroom is arranged by subject areas (centers) with relevant and engaging materials located on labeled shelves for easy accessibility.  There are spaces in the room for the whole group to gather and areas for students to work in small groups or individually.  During Social Studies, students are encouraged to initiate leisure time activities and pursue their own interests while practicing social skills.  The class also attends special classes outside the classroom.

Students also have the opportunity to direct instruction by voting on several educational lessons and then participating in the lesson that received the most votes.

If you have any questions, please contact me during my prep period 10:30-11:15.  The school phone number is 774-4020.  My e-mail address is

                                            Class Expectations
                             *No toys, food,or drinks in backpack
                             *Homework will be assigned if requested by parent
                             *Homework must be turned in daily