Mares, Rebecca

Welcome to the Art Room

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Hello! I am Rebecca Mares, the visual arts teacher at Aoy.  The art activities that we will be doing this year provide opportunities for the students to improve their vocabulary and learn to use more descriptive words across the curriculum.  Art is one way to show math principles like line, shape, and form which are taught in both subjects. Artists think like scientists in many ways.  In art we study our environment, properties of matter, seasons, and how to observe changes.  Many of the disciplines of art are also disciplines of social studies: history and culture, perception, criticism, and expression. We will be studying art and the way it is found everywhere in the world.

Class expectations include completing assignments showing best effort with the possibility of selection for EPISD student art exhibition, other local exhibition sites, and art contests.

"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk."  Paul Klee

I am a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in Art. (Class of 1982). I also have certification in bilingual education, gifted and talented, and elementary education (grades 1-8).  I have been teaching in EPISD for 25 years and 13 years at the visual arts teacher.
I was honored to be selected Top Ten Teacher of the Year in 2002.

Class Rules:
Arrive on time and come prepared with materials and supplies
Wait for instructions
Be careful with tools
Clean up messes
Respect each other and the property of others

My conference times vary according to the classes' P.E. schedules.  If you need to contact me, please call the office, 774-4020, or at to make an appointment.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein