Martinez, Alma

Welcome to the Science Lab!

I'm fortunate enough to have recently become your science coach. I was a kinder teacher here at Aoy during previous years so many of you already know me. I have fun and exciting projects planned for the 2015-2016 calendar year providing an immersing learning environment. This year we will complete a required science project that will teach you new skills which will further enhance your knowledge of the scientific process.

My conference period is from 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm in the Science Lab (Room 7202) however I can also answer questions and provide any assistance after school.

Classroom Expectations

  I.  I expect students to treat and speak to other students and adults with respect.
 II.  I expect students to respect the lab's tools and materials.
III.  I expect students to come prepared with lab notebooks and writing tools.