Cervantes, Monica

welcomeWelcome to 2-A

Hello and welcome to 2-A.  My name is Mrs. Monica Cervantes.  It's a pleasure to have you in my class and to have the opportunity to be your teacher.  I have been an educator now for 21 years.  I graduated from Hanks High School in 1989 and UTEP in 1994.  


This year is going to be a year full of learning.  I do have high expectations because I feel every child has the ability to learn and is intelligent in their own unique way.  This year you will be exploring the world in many ways, especially through reading.  You will be required to meet AR goals and be an active learner in Reading, Language Art, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

If you have any questions you may contact me at  during my conference period which is from 8:15-9:00.